An Aching Body and Fragile Mind

When things start turning south and you feel an episode coming on, there are plenty of telltale signs that are like “early warnings”. Like when a thunderstorm is approaching, you can see it building in the distance, but as yet no thunder or lightening. It comes with time, practice and being aware of your ownContinue reading “An Aching Body and Fragile Mind”

Support network… family and friends

It’s important to have a network of support around you. People that can help you when times are tough. Not just medical support As in doctor or psychiatrist but close friends and family. Family and a small group of close friends who know about your disorder sometimes pick up on a change in your moodContinue reading “Support network… family and friends”

Is Bipolar Hereditary or Bad Lifestyle Choices

There is no signs of any form of mental illness going back through either side of my family. Plus I think the jury is still out within the medical industry as to why some of us get the disorder and others don’t. My personal opinion is that if you perhaps are susceptible to it, andContinue reading “Is Bipolar Hereditary or Bad Lifestyle Choices”

Depression and the jumbled thought processes

When you are suffering severe depression regardless of what form of mental illness you have, the fact remains it is so hard to describe your thoughts to anyone. Unfortunately now that I am well I can now clearly remember every negative thought and frustration I felt when severely depressed. Here is some examples: Waking upContinue reading “Depression and the jumbled thought processes”

It’s a “full moon” tonight….look out

It’s a gorgeous evening on the Gold Coast, Australia tonight. Clear sky’s, the stars are out and it’s a beautiful full moon rising from the eastern sky. So that means… battern down the hatches and take some additional medication to ensure I get a good night sleep. I noticed the change last night, it tookContinue reading “It’s a “full moon” tonight….look out”

My stages of a bad episode -Normal, high, manic, psychotic, high…depression

The above have been my stages or types of episodes in order of sequence when an extremely bad episode appears. Luckily my last one was about 8 years ago and I hopefully won’t have anymore as I am now properly diagnosed, on the correct medications and able to nip any changes of my behaviour immediately.Continue reading “My stages of a bad episode -Normal, high, manic, psychotic, high…depression”

The first stages of a bad episode

It all starts with a blocked mind. Your thoughts are scattered, it feels like your brain has been cross circuited. One day you will be feeling fine, then the next your thoughts are jumbled. Maybe you had a bad night sleep, or no sleep at all. You continually get forced to get up out ofContinue reading “The first stages of a bad episode”

Side affects of medication

Along with issues about bright sunshine and lights, another side affect is weight gain. I find one hour after taking my nightly meds, I get really hungry and crave something to eat. Fresh fruit or light snack of cheese on toast of veggies is the best option. I actually can only eat once a day…..IContinue reading “Side affects of medication”

The eyes can tell it’s own story of how we are managing with bipolar

The eyes are the heart to our soul…. clear bright and big reflects all is well. Small, clouded and puffy shows we are on struggle street. It’s a good indicator of how well we are travelling. Bright lights is hard to deal with (a side effect of medication), warmer yellow toned night lighting is best.Continue reading “The eyes can tell it’s own story of how we are managing with bipolar”

A Nervous Breakdown….or is it something more

My mental health issues began about 26 years. I was hospitalised for what was termed back in those days as “a nervous breakdown”. Work stress was my initial trigger. For the first day or two I was unable to speak. That was truly scary. I could hear, see and understand others but my only meansContinue reading “A Nervous Breakdown….or is it something more”

General Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrist

You need to have a support network of medical experts to touch base with from time to time. A regular appointment with either of the above is a must. My go to doctor is a psychiatrist who is the most highly trained in mental health than any of the others. I see him about everyContinue reading “General Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrist”

Medication, medication and more medication…..

You may have a lot of medication to juggle on a daily basis. Unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast. It’s better to be medicated and have a healthy mind, than live on struggle street. Its just not worth the risk to stop taking your meds. You need them for a reason, just like anyContinue reading “Medication, medication and more medication…..”

Holidays….taking time out for yourself

I try to take holidays religiously every six months. One or two weeks away is a must for me to recharge my batteries. I don’t travel overseas as this can cause major mental health issues with my bipolar. People don’t understand that flying over numerous times zones can reek havoc with mental health issues inContinue reading “Holidays….taking time out for yourself”

The Shrowded Fog Of Depression

Depression is the absolute pits. Extremely hard to deal with, to live with. The cycle can be long winded but perseverance is a must because there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have had numerous bouts of depression some lasting 6 to 12 months. One time when i went to the pharmacistContinue reading “The Shrowded Fog Of Depression”

Tough times never last….hang in there

I won’t sugar coat it but living with bipolar is like riding a roller coaster at times. You need to ride the ups and downs of this disorder, but with experience, knowledge, and the power in your own hands to medicate and adjust meds when needed, makes for a stronger person in the long run.Continue reading “Tough times never last….hang in there”

The sun, moon and the sea

Spring has sprung already in Queensland. The days are getting warmer and slightly longer. My mood shifted last week, the first sign was difficulty with falling asleep as the temperature starts to rise. I must admit I much rather the mild winters than hot summers. Medication plays havoc on my body and heats it up,Continue reading “The sun, moon and the sea”