My love of reading

I find the above caption so true. I am an avid reader and yes it does relax me after a long day at work. Excercise and me aren’t the best of friends. I can be quite lazy in fact, and as they say “excercise is beneficial to leading a healthy life” but living with bipolar requires a lot of down time, relaxation and low key stimulation plus plenty of sleep, sleep…. did I say I love sleeping…..hahaha

Published by Melissa Mackay

Bipolar is an important topic for me as I have travelled through the highs and lows of this particular mental illness for just over 25 years now. Follow my journey from the past to present and hopefully some of you out there may gain some inspiration and come to the realisation....that it can be a positive and rewarding experience once you have learnt the tools of the trade...and enable you, or someone special in your life, to have a fruitful and rewarding life.

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