I tend to be a night owl, stay up late and sleep till midday….

This suits my lifestyle and my working commitments. I work from mid afternoon till 11pm so enjoy watching the night sky, moon and stars… I love to read which relaxes me after a day at work. Its important to be able to slow the thought processes in a busy mind and unwind before bedtime.

Spring…..the danger zone

This particular seasonal shift can be catastrophic for those who are not proficient in managing there medication. As the days draw longer, more sunlight…can all play havoc for those with this disorder. Be aware, be informed, be proactive…and you can enjoy the new season with warmer weather, gorgeous changes to the natural environment and breezeContinue reading “Spring…..the danger zone”

The Moon and the Mind…

They both have a lot in common actually. As the moon the stars the ever changing ocean…the moon phases has a lot of input to the bipolar mind. During a full moon it affects bipolar disorder quite dramatically. More light in the sky might make you have trouble sleeping, and that can spiral your mindContinue reading “The Moon and the Mind…”

Medications….for life

As stated before it is imperative to continue on your prescribed course of medications each and everyday for the rest of your life. Those medications may comprise of mood stabilisers, antipsychotic medications and for me also antidepressants. I have Bipolar 1 disorder and my medications are as follows: Epilum, Seroquel, Zoloft and my emergency medication….Continue reading “Medications….for life”